Flexibility & Strength

Pilates not only increases your flexibility but also tones your body and improves posture

Jonathan Waller Pilates

The best place to learn pilates

At Jonathan Waller Pilates, we are dedicated to helping you acheive your body goals. Our aim is to provide you with a service that we would expect ourselves.

1-to-1 Private Classes

Semi Private Classes

Group Classes

Our Classes

1-to-1 Private

Private Lesson 

Private sessions for those that want  more help, support and attention to their form. Helping them become the best they can be.

1-to-3 Semi-Private


Semi-Private session for a group of individuals that want to the help, support and attention of a private, but not the cost.

Group Class

Group Lesson 

Group classes are for those that want to get involved in pilates, but also want to motivation and support and group class provides

Small progress is also a progress

No matter how small is your progress, it is always a progress. Start your pilates life from today.

Pilates should be an essential part of everyones life



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